Live Jazz… It Still Takes Your Breath Away!

South Florida JAZZ (SFJ),

a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. whose 2021 concerts have temporarily morphed into a virtual format employing the latest broadcast technology, at least for this year. Hopefully, we soon will be able to resume live, in-person concert presentations for your pleasure.

Charitable donations help to perpetuate this unique art form. You truly do make a difference. By giving to SFJ, you are supporting the creation of innovative programming and performances by the world’s greatest artists. Further, you will be aiding in the development of the next generation of jazz artists thereby helping to preserve the rich tradition of America’s original classical music.
Please join us today.


Members-Only receptions

$50 – JAZZ Soloist (Membership for 1)

or mail check to address below

$100 – JAZZ Duet (Membership for 2)

or mail check to address below

Special Members-Only events and receptions

$250 – JAZZ Hipster

or mail check to address below

$500 – JAZZ Milestones

or mail check to address below

$1000 – JAZZ Giant Steps
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$2500+ –  JAZZ Colossus
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Wish to make an additional donation to SFJ?

Contact us (see below) for the following:


  • Underwrite the South Florida JAZZ concert series
  • Underwrite a South Florida JAZZ concert
  • Underwrite a Master Class for students
  • Honor or remember someone special
  • Pay tribute to a particular musician
  • Provide concert tickets to underserved JAZZ KIDS students


  • Underwrite the concert series 
  • Underwrite a concert
  • Match an employee’s donation to SFJ
  • Named sponsorship of SFJ events and programs

South Florida  JAZZ, Inc
10460 Kestrel St  • Plantation, FL 33324
Tel: 754.816.6101